Release v2.2.16326.0500

  • Updated Plugin
  • Updated MacOS/OSX Enrolment
  • Document Importing Enhancements
  • Document Template Packages
  • User Flag Expressions
  • Job Create/Close Expressions
  • Hide Document Templates
  • Minor UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
[Released 21/11/2016]

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Source Code

Disco ICT Management is an open source project. The team is always looking for new contributors.

Update Notes

Before upgrading:
  • Confirm connectivity to the community site
    (eg. perform an update check)
    (This will ensure compatible plugins can also successfully update)
  • Stop the Disco IIS Application Pool and ensure the associated worker process stops (w3wp.exe running as DiscoService).
Performing these tasks before installing the update will avoid having to restart the server after the installation and ensure a smooth update.
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Change Log:

  • 2.2.16326.0500 [29/09/2016]
    Refer to this GitHub Milestone for changes:
  • 2.0.0918.1700 [18/09/2014]
    Refer to this GitHub Milestone for changes:
  • 1.2.1128.1503 [28/11/2013]
    Refer to this GitHub Milestone for changes: Refer to this GitHub comparison for all code changes:
  • 1.2.0725.2249 [25/07/2013]
    Features: Repository Monitor - Job Logs and Attachments are now updated live for anyone viewing the job page. - 'Managed Job Lists' hook into this feature and provide a 'live' list of jobs which is updated whenever a change is made (rather than requesting data from the database on-demand). Data displayed on the home-page is now cached in-memory and updated live. - Public User Held Devices Noticeboard uses Repository Monitor to improve reliability. - How does it work? The Repository Monitor exposes a 'subscription' framework for any components of Disco (including Plugins) to be notified whenever the database is modified. Includes events for 'Added', 'Deleted' and 'Modified' database records and provides a list of properties which were modified (including their current and previous values). This provides better 'hooks' into various events (such as creation/modification of Device Models, Jobs, Messages, Attachments, etc). Device Model Details Plugin - Automatically provides descriptions and images for Device Models. Powered by a database maintained by the Disco ICT Community based on device popularity and user submissions. UI Extensions - Plugins can now extend most Disco pages, including most configuration pages. - Commit: b17ed91fb00c6606df94b407fc0355a8b43deb76 Search Shortcuts - Searching with the following shortcuts redirects immediately to the target. - !{Device Serial Number} - @{User Id} - #{Job Id} - Commit: d6be58b5c7a2b878c7c4f37d412f0890b39289c4 New Noticeboards - Technician Held Devices for Users - Similar to the one found in the previous version except its focus is on the current Device's User Assignment – rather than which User is assigned to the Job. This means you can create a job, and then add the User Assignment later. - Technician Held Devices - Displays all held devices – even if they aren't assigned to a user. The Device Serial Number and Device Location is shown (along with any user assigned). - Commit: aa54d93e8e81574a23a458ae32edaeb08e7c38d1, ab3ad25944aabeb940403f136b5c2fb61cebe1d3 Device Importing/Exporting - CSV files containing device information can be imported into Disco. Options for Device Model, Profile, Batch, User, Location and Asset Number are available. Devices can also be exported by Model, Profile or Batch. Bulk-changes can be applied by re-importing modified versions of these files. - Commit: a3aaed1d13fa76e16ae267514ef0babf0cacf71e, ad6b1b19b69006605548cd427cfe2f912544dc2a Updates: New 'Bezel - Case Bottom Load Cover' Warranty/Non-Warranty Job SubType - Commit: c79a736e70c993be0652d7cabf2646ae125cc2e2 Ajax/Forms Posting for HNWar Jobs - 'Update' buttons and improved handling for additional HNWar properties. - Commit: e7ff62afc721f24bda8a638ebcfcf2f7c4f92abb Plugin Framework - Additional features exposed to the plugin framework. - Commit: 52d57a35c2c750e78c0ba19471f58190919a7ff6 Configuration Pattern - Better caching of configuration and simpler API. - Commit: 8533ec2fe0a0abf6a158ffa53086a7b1fd2f0c11 Updated 3rd Party Frameworks - ASP.NET (MVC & Razor), jQuery 2.0.2, jQuery UI 1.10.3, T4MVC, jQuery Validate, SignalR 1.1.2, Json.NET, Http Client Libraries 2.1.10 - Commits: e213c398dbbbc7ef084bbc53d15369f6a83e6764, f268ef7ec4e3cb9c3f898f135140f6f65253bfdb, f320db3538787b70c7ddefc1926bbda3c9ef6070, a3b3c42bd2b80157c8a29747887cac2fadda5800, 74146695e44dd661689d29f65ac90dca2e063671 New User Interface for 'Device' - Commit: b7dc05dd65ba2c8e14351e39df19c35b3e3f6d2c New User Interface for 'User' - Commit: 86a107ed41a491132e68f7b1b7cb8ddfe05334e1 Prompt For Device When User Has Multiple Assignments - When creating a job from the User page, if the user has multiple devices assigned a prompt requests which device to associate with the job. Previously the last device to be assigned was automatically selected. - Commit: d52d4b6164ce5424b305c64e0e7ca5a0efc439da Improved Support for TouchScreen devices - Where the browser and devices support it, Disco menus remain open rather than immediately navigating. - Commit: 760aba9cdf2e96d227ffe58823165e1274fbfa95 Additional Device Membership Information Displayed - More information about devices, decommissioned devices and device models has been added to 'Device Model', 'Device Profile', and 'Device Batch' configuration pages. - Commit: 19503366c484484189dd3faa4303d9c167e53261 Performance: Managed Job Lists - Use of the repository monitor avoid having to retrieve real-time data from the database; in-memory data is used and kept up-to-date. Client-Side Frameworks - jQuery 2.0 provides better performance for modern browsers. Drops support for Internet Explorer 8 and below. Bug Fixes: Client Bootstrapper Proxy Bypass - Bootstrapper now ignores any local proxy configuration. - Commit: 849736d42e659834ffdfdd81876174ccbd7b325a Attachment Upload Transparency - Due to (what appears to be) a bug in Microsoft Silverlight, video with a white background was made transparent only on a small number of devices (very rare). - Commit: 2e1f5a42268fe57f1d764c7343da83cd122d80e9 Device Model Images: - Device Model image size corrected to 256px, Device Type path corrected. - Commit: e04296bbeda80d58c8fd6890085e3963a3af507e Plugin Downloads - Plugins are now downloaded without the HTTP keep-alive default optimisation. - Commit: 9d39eff7ee817038a8df94fefcca11656c4c30b3 User Held Devices Noticeboard Unreliable - Moved to Repository Monitor - Commit: d63b9ebc4ef6cb711657d73aceef48a0a2a09662 Support Extended Logging Arguments - Log database schema changed from nvarchar to ntext - Ignore schema change as it should be backwards compatible - Commit: 7389d7521f7c1b0f48cf52aebc03ee77b83bcf54 Real-Time Connection Authorization - SignalR Real-Time Connections can only be used by Disco Admins where appropriate - Commit: 06071679a94d081f7e4cdc07dfa4e6c12e93fb17 Warranty Provider Properties - Properties are now correctly passed between 'information disclosure' and 'submit' phases. Thanks to Sean Benham for reporting this problem. - Commit: 7befaccf4afc2a1af4f0ce4e6bf50f9230000aa3 Plugin Uninstall Hook - Plugins are now correctly notified before they are uninstalled. - Commit: fac8f0acfa298db869b6911ddb7c72cb9115d65b On Startup only Update Plugins if Installed - If no plugins are installed, skip trying to update plugins on Update/Install. - This partially resolves an issue where proxy settings are unknown on install. - Commit: 6f7f3336b385b713c723f9233b19acc83e25e9c4
  • 1.2.0328.1100 [28/03/2013]
    Features: Job Details - A new interface for Job Details has been implemented. - The redesigned page attempts to draw the eye to the next action required, focuses on supporting smaller screens (ie: Netbooks) and includes auto-scrolling where applicable. Plugin Framework - The plugin framework has been re-implemented. Additional features are exposed for plugins to take advantage of. - Plugins can be installed, uninstalled and updated from within the Disco configuration. - A plugin catalogue (hosted on has been implemented and a built-in client made available within Disco. Plugin updates are also exposed in this way. Anyone wanting to author or publish a plugin should contact a member of the Disco Development Team. - A new plugin feature ‘UI Extensions’ allow plugins to extend the web-interface for the Devices, Jobs and Users screens. This allows organisations to augment Disco webpages with their own data. Forcibly Close Jobs - Allows jobs to be forcibly closed if procedures cannot be followed: - Warranty Logged, but not completed - Repair Logged, but not completed - Accounting Charge Required/Added, but not paid - Insurance Claim added, but not sent - This provides more accurate representation of job workflow, rather than applying a work-around when these difficult situations arise. Updated 3rd Party Frameworks - jQuery 1.9.1, jQuery UI 1.10, T4MVC, jQuery Validate, Highcharts, Knockout, tinymce, Isotope Performance: Website StyleSheets - LESS StyleSheets are pre-compiled and compressed to CSS which improves start-up time and reliability. Document Importing & QR Detection - Addition calculated attempts and heuristics to better locate a QR code - Rotate thumbnails correctly based on coordinates discovered during QR detection - Cache previously successful QR Code locations for detection on additional pages - Correct UI behaviour when assigning undetected pages. - Huge performance improvement converting images for QR detection (bulk copy memory, rather than per-pixel copy) Bug Fixes: Duplicate Device Models - Creating device models is now concurrency safe, and any existing duplicate device models are consolidated. Thanks to Michael Vorster for reporting this bug. HTTP Persistent Connections Disabled - To support some proxy servers, the HTTP Persistent Connections (HTTP keep-alive) default optimisation has been disabled. Thanks to Lionel Camilleri for reporting this.,-lwt,-updates-etc.aspx User Cache Database Relationship Conflict - A bug introduced by in-memory User caching has been fixed. Thanks to Dion Parsons, Lionel Camilleri, Shane O’Loughlan and Kim Bell for reporting this. Job Non-Warranty Finance Date/Time Input - Dialog now used, supports posting the data (and thus refreshing the Job Status) where a change might affect the Job Status. Job Data Tables - Improve visibility of 'Show Closed' jobs link. - Only include link if closed jobs are hidden. Multi-Lined Document Template Expressions - Multi-lined document template expressions are correctly displayed in the list of 'Template Expressions'
  • 1.1.1213.1141 [13/12/2012]
    Bug Fixes: web.config File overrides Database Connection String - The previous release's web.config file included a default connection string which overrode the setting configured during 'Initial Setup.' - Thanks to James Dodds for his assistance in diagnosing this problem.
  • 1.1.1211.1251 [11/12/2012]
    Features: Disco Client Re-written - The Disco Client (launched by the Bootstrapper to perform device maintenance) has been re-written from scratch. The new build finishes the migration of all managed code to C# (previously the Client was written in Visual Basic). - Many minor bug fixes were applied. - Serial Number shim for Lenovo IdeaPad devices was added (Lenovo IdeaPad devices store their Serial Number in Win32_BaseBoard instead of Win32_BIOS). Thanks to Kym Busby for reporting this. - Additional validation of device state and better error reporting (To File System, Local System Event Log and Reporting back to the Disco Server). Job Creation - A new interface for Job Creation has been implemented. This interface encourages a standardized workflow. - 'Quick' Job-Logging allows for certain jobs to be automatically back-dated and closed. This scenario allows for easier collection of data that otherwise might have been left out or was time-consuming to enter. Deletion of Device Models - If a device model has no associated devices, it can now be deleted. Addition of Phone and Fax Numbers to Organisation Addresses Performance: Improved performance of Job Listings by 40% - Optimised SQL Queries - Improves loading of Jobs Home Page Bug Fixes: Updated AD Interop - When deleting a computer account the object is treated as a container and the entire tree is deleted (solves problem with serviceConnectionPoint [Windows Virtual Machine] child objects) - When loading a computer account check for unset dNSHostName attribute, if unknown assume {sAMAccountName}.{DomainFQDN} instead. Updated Device View - Removed the duplication of the Certificate Expiry date. Bulk Generate Document Templates - A bug in the PDF concatenation method was fixed. Support for Windows Server Core SKUs - The initial configuration phase previously required all requests to originate from localhost (as a security precaution during setup). The initial configuration now determines the operating system SKU and will allow remote configuration if installed on a Server Core SKU. Limitation of Device Serial Number - The Device Serial Number length has been increased from 40 to 60 characters to support VMWare Virtual Machines. Updated Client Bootstrapper - Privilege escalation when rebooting if the bootstrapper was started manually - When installing, the bootstrapper only copies relevant files rather than the entire directory contents. Fix Default Profiles - 'Default Profile' and 'Default Add Offline Profile' incorrectly referenced the same configuration setting. Fix Fuzzy Date Generator - An edge case resulted in the incorrect rendering of a fuzzy date. Thanks to Conor Vahland for reporting this.
  • 1.1.1011.2130 [30/10/2012]
    Bug Fix: Client Bootstrapper - ILMerge issue resolved
  • 1.1.1011.2129 [11/10/2012]
    Initial Public Release