Release Available v1.1.1211

Update This notification is being sent out due to a bug in the update components. This bug has been corrected and accurate notifications will be available from the System configuration page moving forward.

Release Features

Re-written Client and Updated Bootstrapper

This completes the migration of all .NET managed code to C#. Many minor bugs were fixed and support was improved for several devices. Additional error reporting has also been integrated.

JobCreation Job Creation

A new interface for job creation has been implemented. Alongside other changes, this now allows for 'Quick' job-logging.


Performance and Stability Improvements

Loading of the Jobs Home Page has improved by as much as 40%.

When upgrading: please carefully consider the Update Notes on the Download page.

For further information, refer to the Release Changelog.

Support Support & Feedback

Receive support from a growing Disco community on the Forums. These forums can also be used to report bugs or make request features.

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