Release Available v1.2.1128

The Disco Development Team is happy to announce the latest public release. During the past 4 months we've been working hard adding new features and streamlining some existing ones.

It has been just over a year since Disco was publically released and we're happy to see the adoption continue to grow (130% since our last release). The project is now helping 300 technicians in 150 organisations manage about 40,000 devices and 25,000 jobs.

We take this opportunity to thank the Disco alpha and beta users for their excellent feedback and efforts to find and resolve bugs in pre-release versions.


Release Features:

Authorization & Permissions

This release provides fine-tuned, role-based authorization which can be assigned to Active Directory groups or users. The 'Disco Admins' group is no longer required , and roles can be created to define user access.

A group or user can be associated with multiple roles to accumulate permissions and if a user lacks permission for a Disco feature, that feature won't be shown.

Device Decommission Reasons

Device history can be more accurately recorded by indicating a decommission reason.

Note: Any existing decommissioned devices will be considered 'End of Life'.

Device Hardware Details

An initial selection of device hardware details have been added, including LAN and WLAN MAC addresses (discovered automatically) and the ability to store an associated AC Adapter serial number.

Note: After upgrade, device enrolment logs will be analysed and MAC addresses extracted automatically.  

Improved Bulk Document Generating

The interface to bulk generate documents has been improved to increase feature discovery and exception handling.

Additional Features
  • Improved Unauthenticated Device Enrolment Scenario
    When this Device Profile based option is configured, unauthenticated enrolments are automatically allowed if a Reimage job is open for the device.
  • Configurable Long-Running Job Threshold
    Choose from days or months before a job appears on the Long-Running Jobs list. Configure Disco to match your organisation policies.
  • Server SKU Support for the Disco Bootstrapper
    Add your servers into Disco to keep track of warranty and maintenance jobs.
  • Improved Touch Support
    Touch support for Internet Explorer 10 & 11, Chrome 31 and Firefox 23 is included.
  • Configure Assigned User Local Administrators Group Membership
    Keep assigned users as standard users, or make them Local Administrators (default).

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When upgrading: please carefully consider the Update Notes on the Download page.

Support & Feedback

Receive support from a growing Disco community on the Forums. These forums can also be used to discuss bugs and request features. Review the source code and make bug fixes or request features at the GitHub repository.

Community Forums GitHub Repository

700 Days of Disco

This visualization animates the changes to the source code over time.


Want to Help?

The Disco Community Forums now supports subscribing to categories. If you would like to help other users (and the development team), please consider subscribing to categories where you feel you can contribute. Whenever a new thread is created we’ll let you know.

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