Release Available v1.2.0328

Update We have seen a huge take-up of Disco over the past few months, with 20,000 devices, 9,000 jobs and 22,400 users being managed by Disco in 65 different organisations since its release less than six months ago. The development team is happy to announce the next public release.

Release Features

Job Details

An entirely new job details page has been implemented. This redesign attempts to focus attention on the next required action and provide support for smaller screen resolutions.


PluginCatalogue New Plugin Framework and Catalogue

A plugin catalogue hosted on provides plugin updates and a way to further customise Disco to meet the needs of more organisations.

The new 'UI-extensions' feature allows plugins to integrate with the Device, Job and User pages.

For example:
NOTE: A plugin is in planning to provide this integration with 3rd-party databases and not yet available.

Performance and Stability Improvements

  • StyleSheets are now pre-compiled and compressed which improves start-up time and reliability.
  • Document Importing implements better heuristics to locate QR codes and corrects page thumbnail rotation where possible.
  • While any modern web browser is compatible with Disco, Internet Explorer 10 (now available for Windows 7) is used thoroughly during testing and is recommended for best performance.

When upgrading: please carefully consider the Update Notes on the Download page.

For further information, refer to the Release Changelog.

Guide: Wireless Deployment via Group Policy

The new 'Wireless Deployment via Group Policy' Guide complements the device enrolment feature and encourages good practices.
If you have an idea for a future guide or would like to write one for the community please get in contact with the team via the community forums.

ForumHelp Want to help?

The Disco Community Forums now supports subscribing to categories. If you would like to help other users (and the development team), please consider subscribing to categories where you feel you can contribute. Whenever a new thread is created we'll let you know.

Support Support & Feedback

Receive support from a growing Disco community on the Forums. These forums can also be used to report bugs or make request features. Recently, the categories have been redesigned to make getting assistance easier.

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