Release Available v1.2.0725

Update The Disco Development Team is happy to announce the latest public release. We've been working hard over the past 4 months adding new features and streamlining existing ones.

Since its public release less than a year ago Disco has been widely implemented and is now helping over 100 organisations manage their ICT environments. The project as a whole is managing 27,000 devices and has assisted local IT teams with 17,000 jobs.

We take this opportunity to thank the Disco beta users for their excellent feedback and efforts to find and resolve bugs in pre-release versions.

Release Features

Device & User Details

Entirely new Device and User details pages have been implemented. This redesign attempts to focus attention on the next required action and provide support for smaller screen resolutions. This design follows on from the improvements to Job details at the last public release.

User Details:
Device Details:

New Plugins

A plugin catalogue hosted on provides plugin updates and a way to further customise Disco to meet the needs of more organisations.

Be sure to check out these new plugins after updating to the latest Disco release:

PluginNNLogo Network Neighborhood

This plugin provides integration with Network Neighborhood's online warranty claims process.
This plugin is provided by Sean Benham

PluginDMDLogo Device Model Details

Automatically provides descriptions and images for Device Models. Powered by a database maintained by the Disco ICT Community based on device popularity and your submissions. The database currently holds details for 85% of devices managed by Disco and is being improved all the time.

PluginUDLogo User Details

The User Details plugin integrates with external data sources to provide User Details and Photos for Disco. Integration is currently provided for the following data sources:

  • Accelerus SQL Database
  • Cases21 SQL Database
  • Human Edge SQL Database
  • File System Directory/Network Share for Photos
  • Upload CSV and Photos
  • Custom SQL Database
  • Custom ODBC Database

These plugins are available from the Plugin Catalogue after upgrading to the latest Disco public release.

Search Shortcuts

SearchShortcuts Search Disco using the following shortcuts to redirect directly to the target:

  • !{Device Serial Number}
  • @{User Id}
  • #{Job Id}

DeviceImportingLogo Device Importing & Exporting

CSV files containing device information can be imported into Disco. Options for Device Model, Profile, Batch, User, Location and Asset Number are available.

This feature removes the need to manually add devices offline one-by-one. Lists of serial numbers provided by device suppliers can be bulk-imported into Disco.

Devices can also be exported by Model, Profile or Batch. Bulk-changes can be applied by re-importing modified versions of these files.


Performance and Stability Improvements

  • The architecture now allows components and plugins to access 'live' data feeds.
    • Job Log Messages are updated instantly for all users viewing a job.
    • Improved stability for the Noticeboard.
  • To maximize performance, Internet Explorer 8 (and lower) is no longer supported. Internet Explorer 10 ( now available for Windows 7) is used thoroughly during testing and is recommended for best performance.
  • Better support for Proxy Servers and the NetSpace Internet Service Provider.
  • Many bug fixes.

When upgrading: please carefully consider the Update Notes on the Download page.

For further information, refer to the Release Changelog.

ForumHelp Want to help?

The Disco Community Forums now supports subscribing to categories. If you would like to help other users (and the development team), please consider subscribing to categories where you feel you can contribute. Whenever a new thread is created we'll let you know.

Support Support & Feedback

Receive support from a growing Disco community on the Forums. These forums can also be used to report bugs or make request features. Recently, the categories have been redesigned to make getting assistance easier.

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