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It's been nearly a year since our last release, and in that time we've been hard at work on Disco ICT version 2. This release contains stacks of new features, an overhaul of the UI and reliability and performance improvements.

Disco ICT has been implemented in over 200 organisations and is now managing 67,000 devices and 54,000 jobs - a 75% increase over the past year.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Disco ICT alpha and beta users for their excellent feedback and efforts to find and resolve bugs in pre-release versions.


Release Features:

New Theme

From the navigation bar to dialog boxes, Disco ICT’s theme was overhauled to improve efficiency, touch support and user experience.

Repair Requests & Attachments

Repair requests can be submitted to repairers in a similar manner to warranty requests.

Job attachments can be submitted to repairers or warranty providers.

Job Queues

Jobs can be placed into one or more Job Queues. Technicians can be grouped into Job Queues which provides a curated list called "My Jobs" – now shown on the home page.

Job Queues can be configured to automatically include jobs of a certain type (for example: repair or user management jobs). Jobs can optionally be assigned a target completion date (SLA) and priority.

User Flags

Flags can be created and associated with users (individually or in bulk). Flag information is presented where appropriate and can be hovered over to get full details. User Flags can be linked to Active Directory Groups.

Linked Active Directory Groups

Document Template Attachments, Device Batches, Device Profiles and User Flags can be associated with an Active Directory group. This AD group is then automatically synchronized with relevant user or machine accounts.

Information within Disco ICT can then be used to deliver organisation policies. For example, a User Flag which specifies no internet access, or access to a network resource only after a user has returned a completed document.

Job Noticeboards

Noticeboards have been updated to improve visibility, performance and reliability. 16 themes are available.

The report link-builder helps create targeted noticeboards with filters and themes.

Active Directory Interop

This release includes a complete rewrite of our Active Directory interoperability. Disco ICT is now site-aware and supports multi-domain forests. In multi-tenant environments, search scopes can be configured to only include Organisational Units relevant to the organisation.

Device Importing/Exporting

Additional fields are available for importing and exporting. Importing no longer relies on a known CSV format – any CSV file can be imported and fields automatically or manually assigned.

CentreCom Frankston Plugin

CentreCom have recently added a new warranty provider plugin to the Disco ICT library. Customers can now easily submit warranty claims directly to their Frankston store. Plugin

This plugin now features automatic site discovery and performs automatic certificate maintenance. Decommissioned devices will have their certificates disabled. Certificates will be deleted when the device is deleted from Disco ICT.

Additional Features
  • Stale Jobs
    Replaces "Long-Running Jobs" on the home page and includes jobs which haven't been modified since a configurable time.
  • Markdown Comment Support
    Markdown syntax can be used to add formatting to text (including job logs, queue comments and user flags).
  • Live Timestamps
    Fuzzy dates and times are automatically updated without refreshing the page.
  • Quick Search
    Search suggestions offered and search results are sorted by relevance.
  • Job Device Location Lists
    Device locations are suggested from a configurable list. The list shows which locations are free and which are already assigned.
  • Disco Administrators
    A special authorization role which allows all access. Replaces the "Disco Admins" AD Group which was previously used. This role always includes Domain Admins.
  • Device Details
    Battery and Keyboard Serial Numbers can be assigned to devices.
  • WebCam Capture and File Uploading
    Silverlight no longer required. The feature has been migrated to take advantage of native browser features or to use Flash if not supported.

Support & Feedback

Receive support from a growing Disco community on the Forums. These forums can also be used to discuss bugs and request features. Review the source code and make bug fixes or request features at the GitHub repository.

Community Forums GitHub Repository

Want to Help?

The Disco Community Forums now supports subscribing to categories. If you would like to help other users (and the development team), please consider subscribing to categories where you feel you can contribute. Whenever a new thread is created we’ll let you know.

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