Release Available v2.2

It's been a while! We hope Disco ICT is still helping you deploy devices and manage their lifecycle.

We're very happy to announce the general availability of Disco ICT v2.2. While this release primarily features support for the new PKI there are a host of other features, enhancements and bug fixes.

The team particularly want to pass on their appreciation to the dozens of schools who participated and provided feedback in the alpha and beta programs leading up to this release.

After 5 years, Disco ICT is still free and open-source, and used by over 300 organisations to manage 130,000 devices.


Release Features: Plugin

This updated plugin provides certificates from the new eduSTAR certificate authority. It will now also deploy all associated root/intermediate certificates and install or update wireless profiles on devices.

Warning: If new new certificates have been manually installed, devices will still disconnect from the eduSTAR network in mid-December.
Disco ICT automates the task of not only installing the new certificates but also the wireless profile ensuring the device will continue to connect after the migration.

In just the last few weeks our beta testers successfully deployed ten-thousand certificates to devices with little effort required.

Install the plugin from the Plugin Library. If you currently have the plugin installed it will be included when upgrading Disco ICT.

Document Template Enhancements

Disco ICT's framework for generating, importing, detecting and filing documents received a rewrite in this release. Document QR-Codes are detected with even better accuracy and when pages are scanned in bulk they are automatically rotated and sorted.

Document Template Packages can be created combining multiple document templates into one package. Some schools are using this to generate enrolment packages for new students which includes a network use agreement, software waivers, BYOD forms, etc. They can be generated in bulk or individually.

If you haven't had a chance to see the power of Disco ICT's Document Template framework, this release might be the opportunity to have a closer look. Find more information and samples in the guides section of this website.

Password Manager Plugin

Adds the ability to change user passwords within the Disco ICT interface. The plugin honours delegated permission in Active Directory.

A mobile-friendly page is provided to allow users to change their password from any device.

Install this from the Plugin Library after upgrading.

MacOS/OSX Enrolment Fix

This release restores the Mac Enrolment feature which stopped working due to changes in Apple's operating system.

Note: Mac Enrolment does not include wireless certificate/profile integration.

Additional Features
  • User Flag & Job Action Expressions
    Expressions can now be added which are evaluated when User Flags are assigned/removed and when Jobs are opened/closed. For example, several of our beta deployments used this feature with a "Disabled Users" flag. When a user was assigned this flag their Active Directory account was automatically disabled, and enabled again when the flag was removed.
  • Minor UI Tweaks
    Many small changes have been made to the user interface to improve efficiency and the user experience.
  • Bug Fixes
    Since Disco ICT v2.0 was released the community has been reporting bugs to the Development Team via GitHub. This release includes many bug fixes. More detail can be found in our GitHub repository.

Support & Feedback

Receive support from a growing Disco community on the Forums. Review the source code, report bugs and request features at the GitHub repository.

Community Forums GitHub Repository

Want to Help?

The Disco ICT Community Forums supports subscribing to categories. If you would like to help other users (and the development team), please consider subscribing to categories where you feel you can contribute. Whenever a new thread is created we’ll let you know.

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