Plugin: LAPS Support

I wanted to briefly let you know of a significant update to the Password Manager plugin. This update includes extensive integration with Microsoft LAPS (a new requirement for Victorian DET schools - TSCirc2017-003).

Local Administrator Password Solution
  • Easily access current LAPS passwords by looking up devices in Disco ICT.
  • Queue LAPS password resets.
The 'LAPS Password' button will appear for any device which has successfully completed LAPS deployment (see section 1.2 of the LAPS Operation Guide).
Remote Logon

To prevent having to write down LAPS passwords this plugin includes a remote logon feature. After selecting the 'Remote Logon' button a temporary PIN is issued and a dialog appears on the device login page. When the PIN is entered the device is automatically logged in using LAPS credentials.

Communication between the device and the Disco ICT server is authenticated and protected with elliptical curve Diffie Hellman key exchange, 256bit AES encryption and SHA256 integrity checks.

Lock Screen Image Generator

To complement the Remote Logon feature a Lock Screen Image Generator tool is included in the plugin package. This tool can be deployed using Group Policy (similar to the Bootstrapper) and embeds a QR-code into the lock screen background. When scanned by a QR-code app the browser is taken directly to the device in Disco ICT.

Download this tool from the plugin configuration page. A range of command-line options are available. Run the utility with the /? argument to review the options.

Remote Desktop Connect

In addition to Remote Logon the RDP Connect feature creates a Remote Desktop session to the device from the technician. The session is established using the LAPS credentials. This can make tasks (such as software installation) much easier and more secure.


Updating this plugin takes only a moment and shouldn’t incur any down-time.

Navigate Disco ICT to:


Choose the INSTALL or UPDATE action for the Password Manager plugin.

Any feedback or issues can be reported directly via the Disco ICT Forum.

Disco ICT v2.2 Release Available

After 5 years, Disco ICT is still free and open-source, and used by hundreds of organisations to manage thousands of jobs and devices.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Disco ICT v2.2 yet, be sure to check out some of the new features:


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