Installing Disco

by James Doof

This page contains screenshots from Disco ICT v1 and will be updated shortly.

This guide explains how to install Disco ICT Management. It covers downloading, installing and completing the initial configuration. It also has a brief overview of the features of the software.


  • Active Directory Domain Environment
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework
  • SQL Server (Standard Edition and above is recommended, but not required)
  • DNS Entry for 'Disco'
  • Firewall exception for TCP Port 9292 on the server (added by the MSI Installer)
  • Firewall exception for ICMP Echo (Ping) on the server

Useful Hints

  • Upgrading Disco: Stop the IIS Application Pool (Disco AppPool) and double-check in task manager that the process w3wp.exe (running as DiscoService) is no longer running (this may take up to a minute). This will ensure a restart of the server is not required upon completion of the upgrade.
  • The DNS entry for 'Disco' can be either an A-Host or CNAME Alias record pointing to the server which is hosting the Disco software. It is this DNS entry (along with ICMP Echo requests) that allows the Disco clients to automatically discover the server without additional configuration.

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